Thursday Thoughts: Wednesday Edition

Not only are my thoughts a day early, but they will be short and simple.

Gathering Family
More family arrived yesterday. My nephew Christopher, his wife Heather, and their four children (Grace, Noah, Asher, and Faith) walked into our door around 6 o’clock. They were a bit worse for wear, as they had left their home in Gilbert, AZ, at 3 o’clock yesterday morning and driven for 15 hours. They were all happy to be out of the car, hungry and tired. And in surprisingly good spirits. I had put a brisket in the crockpot early in the morning, and Bill shredded it and made it ready for beef sandwiches. The kids were surprisingly good considering just how long they had been cooped up in the car.

Sing Around the Campfire
The above-mentioned kids were yearning for snow. They won’t get it, however, something about which they are sad and about which I am thrilled. Playing outside and all that jazz. But last night was plenty chilly and they happily sat around the firepit, bundled up and wishing their Great-Aunt Kris had thought about s’mores…..

See Ya Tomorrow
Every year during the few days before Thanksgiving, I talk about doing my “last shop.” I always have great hopes that I will remember everything and won’t have to go back. I guess I’m not the only one, however, because when Bec and I stopped at the store yesterday afternoon, the cashier (a man I don’t know) said, “Well, I’ll probably see you tomorrow.” And yes, he probably will.


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