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Helping the Pantyless
Back in September, I wrote a blog post about a recent trip to Estes Park. As part of the post, I mentioned that I had forgotten to pack a few things, including underwear.  While I could find the other things, I simply couldn’t figure out where in Estes Park I could find underwear. This led to that, and I was able to find women’s underwear at a most unlikely spot – the True Value Hardware Store in Estes. Earlier this week, I got an email sent to my Nana’s Whimsies account.  Here is what the sender, Sarah (a person unknown to me) told me:

Thank you so much for your post about finding underwear in Estes Park. I had a similar snafu with my trip and arrived today to find out I’m without any underwear for our trip. Oops! I will make my way down the road to True Value in the morning.

I am so happy that I could help her. But I was curious how she stumbled upon my humble blog. I Googled “underwear Estes Park Colorado” and lo, and behold, my blog post was the fifth link down. I don’t know why, but that make me smile. Nana’s Whimsies is here to help!

What Movie Are We At?
I mentioned the other day that Bec and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express. We went out to lunch, and then went to a 12:45 p.m. showing of the film. We didn’t expect the theater to be packed because of the movie we were seeing and the time of the showing. In fact, when we entered the theater, there were two elderly women already seated, and that was it. A few more folks dibbled and dabbled in, and it’s no surprise that they were all about our age. What made us laugh, however, is that the first two ads that came up on the screen were these: a funeral home, and an Alzheimer’s facility. Bec leaned over to me and said, “Well, I guess they know their demographic, don’t they?”

Frontier: Cheap and Bumpy
Bill and I flew back to Denver yesterday morning. Our flight was so early (6:25 a.m.) that we were in our Uber car by 8:30, and home by 9. I had read a flying tip somewhere that suggested if two people are flying together, they should book the window seat and the aisle seat. The idea is that if people are looking to book a seat, they are less likely to choose a middle seat, resulting in a greater possibility of getting a row to ourselves. So we tried it. After all, who else besides us would be stupid enough to catch a 6:25 a.m. flight? The answer is many people. Because the plane was entirely full. It seems many people were flying places southeast (Florida, North Carolina were two we overheard about) and Denver was the layover city. So we had a person sitting in between us. She nicely offered to give one of us her seat so we could sit next to one another, but we declined. I made mention of the fact that we might run into turbulence. She turned to me and said, “I’ve never flown Frontier Airlines before. Are their planes often turbulent?” I bit my lip to keep from laughing and explained that it wasn’t Frontier in particular, but that any flights over the mountains are often bumpy. As it turned out, the flight wasn’t bumpy at all. She had a seven-hour layover in Denver. Yuck for her.

Nana’s Home
The first thing I always do when my airplane lands is turn on my cell phone. As soon as it was turned on, I got a notification indicating a voice message. I listened to the message, which was from our granddaughter Addie. She asked if I could possibly pick her up from school since she had an early release and her mom would be tied up on a conference call. I leaned over the woman sitting between and asked Bill if he would be back from lunch by 2 because Addie needed a ride from school (we are down to only one car for this month). The woman between us laughed. “Wow,” she said. “They don’t even give you time to unfasten your seat belt.” Very true, but I am always happy to help, and that’s a fact. And here’s why…..


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