Thursday Thoughts

Put on Some Pants
In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about the study that indicated second-borns were more likely to become criminals. Pshaw. But my sister Jen commented on the post, and in her comment she pointed out that while her 3-year-old granddaughter Lilly (who is a second-born) isn’t a criminal, she does give her mother a ride for her money. Most recently, according to Jen, Lilly attended her brother’s baseball game without the benefit of underwear despite the fact that she was wearing a dress. The comment got me to thinking….When I was in second grade, I was at school one day and there was a knock on the classroom door. Sister Collista – the meanest nun I ever encountered – answered the door and I saw that it was my mother. Now, even my 7-year-old mind knew that couldn’t be good. Sister called my name and I walked to the door. In my mother’s hands was a pair of underwear, underwear which should have been on my bottom because I, like Lilly, was wearing a dress. So, while second-borns might not necessarily be criminals, it appears they might have a problem keeping their underwear on their bottoms.

Blue Ain’t Your Color
Speaking of Lilly, we went to her brother’s baseball game last night. Lilly happily showed me her VERY BLUE TONGUE, the result of a VERY BLUE SUCKER that she was eating. I told her I was going to send the photo to her Grammie and ask if we should take her to the hospital. Lilly giggled in her Lilly-like way, and told me that wasn’t a very good idea. I’m pretty sure her Grammie figured out why her tongue was blue….

Dresses Galore
I watched the CMA Music Awards last night. I was happy that Blue Ain’t Your Color won best single because it’s one of my favorite songs, and will be for some time. You probably already knew this, but I was surprised to learn that Better Man, performed by Little Big Town, was written by Taylor Swift. In hindsight, it actually didn’t surprise me at all because I think she writes some of the most interesting lyrics to catchy music, and Better Man is a GOOD song. I told Bill he should start wearing his jeans as tight as male half of Little Big Town, and he declined. My prevailing thought as the show ended was just how many dresses Carrie Underwood wore from the beginning of the show until the end. Wow, she changes clothes quickly.

Orange Is My Color
Bill and I stopped at Superstition Ranch Market yesterday afternoon and stocked up on my Stewarts Diet Orange and Cream soda. Remember my Orange and Cream soda saga? If not, read about it here. I purchased the pop with Alastair in mind. Not that I’ll share…..




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  1. Bj came for dinner last night and I had on the CMA awards. While he thought all of the girls were very pretty he bailed at 8:15 commenting that he’d seen enough cowboy hats! 🤠

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