Saturday Smile: Who Dat?

Once a year, my grandchildren, along with most kids in America, dress up so that they are scarcely recognizable. Halloween provides the opportunity not just to get a LOT of candy, but also to become someone — or something — else for a night.

Our Vermont family looks very scary, especially Joseph and Micah…..

This year the McLains were accompanied by their Aunt Julie (a banana) and their Aunt Emma and Uncle Allen (scary somethings-or-other). Dagny was the gorilla and Magnolia was a CSU cheerleader. As for the fox, well, that’s Alastair, and I have no idea how he sees out of that mask…..

Mylee is Pikachu, Cole is a doctor, and Kaiya is a mash-up of a mermaid, a unicorn, and a fairy…..

Lots of fun for everybody.

Have a great weekend.

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