Thursday Thoughts

Creepy Crawly
Jonathan, the extremely nice pest exterminator, showed up around noon yesterday with a big smile on his face and a container full of whatever it takes to kill scorpions. He walked around spraying and dusting and doing whatever was necessary to get rid of any unwelcome creatures, following my scorpion sighting the other day. He warned me that the poison might bring out a few more scorpions because, well, they don’t like the stuff. But then it will kill all of their little friends. He assured me that because this past summer was quite humid (for Arizona standards), many people like us who had never seen a scorpion in their house had a few that showed their ugly selves. So I’m bracing for some more unwelcome visitors. Shake your shoes before you step into them and shake out your sheets before you get in bed, he told me. Consider it done.

Professional Bug Killer
Speaking of Jonathan, being me, I of course had to ask him personal questions that were none of my business. But I couldn’t imagine a 10-year-old boy saying, “When I grow up, I want to be a pest exterminator so that I can constantly be looking at rats, scorpions, cockroaches, termites, and black widow spiders.” So I asked him just how he got where he was professionally. To my relief, he didn’t grow up wanting to be an exterminator. He grew up wanting to be a professional athlete, just like every other little boy. He was an athlete in college (I didn’t ask what sport, but if I were a betting woman, I would say basketball given the fact that he was about 7 feet tall). But when he got out of college, he floundered around for a job. As he put it, “I didn’t exactly concentrate on studying a lot in college.” He had a desk job for a bit, but wanted something that allowed him to meet people and be outdoors. There’s a job for everyone, I guess.

House of Cards
One of the latest sexual harassment charges in Hollywood is against Kevin Spacey, an actor I have always disliked. Now I am reading that Netflix is putting House of Cards on hold until they can get things figured out. While I’m sorry for the man whom Spacey allegedly fondled, I am somewhat relieved that House of Cards is going away, at least for a while. Why? Because just about everyone I know has told me I simply MUST watch that program because of my former life in politics, and I frankly have never really been interested, because see above: Spacey gives me the creeps. Now perhaps everyone will stop coaxing me to watch that program.

Batter Up
While the World Series was being played in Los Angeles, a world series of sorts was being played right here in Mesa, AZ. Jen’s grandson Austin, along with his teammates, were in game two of a championship series. They won Monday night and played game two last night. We went to the game long enough to watch Austin up at bat twice, scoring once. We also saw him make a nice play to first, getting a kid out. And then we went home. I always miss my grands when we’re here, so it’s nice to have some stand-ins. Trooper that he is, Austin played with a sore throat and a fever. Poor Bud. But the good news is that his team had a come-from-behind victory!



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  1. Bj thinks the secret to Austin’s team win was that the first base player got to rest up the day of the game!

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