Celebrations and Wanderings

Bill and I continue to wander as our floors continue to be finished. The sanding is complete and today Joe will begin staining. A couple of days of staining followed by a couple of days of topcoat, and a few days of drying in between. We spent last night at a nearby hotel. I don’t know where we will be tonight.

Finishing our floors isn’t the only thing going on in our lives, however. Bill prepares to celebrate his 75th birthday tomorrow. Since Dave and Jll leave for a trip to India, we celebrated a little early…..

There weren’t 75 candles on the cake that was made by Dave. Dagny cut the pieces, and they were largish…..

Home is where the heart is…..

By the way, he got a very nice box of cigars from Dave and Jll, and an INDOOR SKYDIVING EXPERIENCE from Allen and Emma. Bill’s excited and I’m already biting my nails!

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