Saturday Smile: Game On!

Game on, and I’m not talking about the World Series.

We are so close to the end of our remodel project that I can see the finish line. The flooring is all laid, and over this weekend and into next week, Austin and Joe (our flooring people, not to be confused with our Pod people) will be doing finish work, sanding, and finally, staining the floors. Talk about making me SMILE!

For the next few days, Bill and I will be wandering like the Israelites in the desert, but for a shorter period of time and with something better than manna to eat. Truly, I’m not entirely sure where we will be and for how long. I think we will spend a day or two in Estes Park to listen to and see the elk bugle. A couple of nights we will be bunking down at a nearby hotel.

At any rate, if you don’t hear from Nana’s Whimsies for a few days early next week, don’t send out the search party. We are somewhere.

Have a great weekend.

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