Fall is Falling and So Are the Trees

The weather forecasters warned us that we were going to get our first sizable snowfall yesterday. The day before was really nice, but don’t let that lull you into passivity, they said. Somewhere around midnight it was going to begin snowing.

And, indeed it did…..

We probably got four or five inches of very wet snow, the kind of wet snow that breaks tree branches and powerlines and is good for snowmen as long as you don’t mind that they will be gone by the next morning. Nothing but a puddle of water. Because the weather will be in the 70s again in a day or two. That’s the way autumn snowfalls roll in Colorado.

In preparation for the snow, I picked most of my herbs and set them out to dry. I also picked the remaining tomatoes on my vine, all green as a Granny Smith apple. I put them in a brown paper bag with a banana, and we’ll see what happens.

I went to the grocery store Sunday afternoon in preparation for the snowfall. Oh, I didn’t anticipate a blizzard, but one of the nice things about being retired is that there is almost always nowhere that I MUST go. So I wanted to have something to put into the crock pot so that I could smell it cooking all day long.

I chose a beef brisket…..

I thought there might be one of those predictable pre-snowstorm runs at the grocery store, but there really wasn’t. The shelves held plenty of eggs, and there were abundant packages of toilet tissue available. Why is it that when there is a prediction of heavy snow, the first things to go are eggs and toilet tissue? Do people really regularly only have a few spare squares of toilet tissue in their house all of the time? Because even heavy snows melt within a few days at the most. But I’m as bad as the next person. Even though I probably don’t go through a dozen eggs in a couple of weeks (unless I’ve done a lot of baking), boy, I grab myself some eggs when I do my pre-snowstorm shopping.

So Bill and I were settled down after dinner night before last, peacefully watching Sunday Night Football, when we heard what sounded like an explosion just outside of our family room window. Bill and I looked at each other in shock. For a surprising amount of time, really. I finally said, “What the hell was that?”

We both got up and looked out our door to the back yard, and could see nothing amiss. Yet, we had not imagined the loud noise. Bill went and got a flashlight, and began shining the light all around our patio. And then we saw it….

The wind had blown a tree over onto our yard, hitting our roof and landing on our patio. Interestingly, the snow had not yet started, and while there was a bit of wind, it certainly wasn’t blowing wildly. We quickly decided we should take photos right then and there as we knew the snow was coming and we wouldn’t particularly want to be attempting photography in the snow.

God was good in a couple of ways. First, the tree could just as easily have fallen in the other direction and damaged our neighbor’s brand new roof. We are thankful it fell in our direction because it was our tree. Also, had it been earlier in the day, we might have been sitting out on our patio or working in our yard, and chances are we could have gotten injured. Finally, it seems to have been the full extent our our damage, because there doesn’t seem to be any fallen branches from the snow.

We are just a couple of weeks shy of going to AZ for our fall trip. Couldn’t this cold and snow just have waited a few more weeks?

As I said earlier, that’s the way fall rolls in Colorado. It usually doesn’t hit until Halloween night!

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