Saturday Smile: Birthday Chuckles

Thursday was my sister Jen’s 60th birthday. She works hard for a living as the assistant to four or five financial advisors. In order to keep track of their activities, she has access to their calendars and has them open on her desktop all day long. On Wednesday afternoon, she noticed that suddenly all of her FAs had the following agenda item added to their calendars for the next day: 8:30 a.m. Surprise party for Jen.

Some surprise, huh? Still, they had a good time, and she was clearly the star of the show…..

She wore it proudly all day long.

That night Bec and I cooked her dinner that included mussels, a wedge salad with bleu cheese and bacon crumbles, baked ziti, and a peach cobbler as her birthday dessert. We went through something in the neighborhood of four bottles of wine. What with all the food, however, there were no lampshades on our heads.

That night Bill and I stayed at Jen’s house. She set up a blow-up queen-sized mattress on top of her sofa bed. We had slept there before, quite comfortably. However, something was amiss this past Thursday. Perhaps the mattress wasn’t blown up firmly enough; perhaps the sofa bed wasn’t providing enough support; perhaps it was the four bottles of wine. But the bed was so soft that once we finally settled into the mattress, there was no way out. Bill, in particular, was like a bug on his back. At one point during he night, as he tried unsuccessfully to turn onto his side, he and I got a strong case of the giggles. We both laughed until we cried.

It didn’t help, because he was still stuck on his back. It took a couple of firm shoves on my end to finally get him out of his hole.

We have a whole year to recover. Happy birthday Jen!

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Thanks again to you and Beckie for an amazing dinner. Sorry about the bed mishap. Apparently I failed to plug something. Details details. I am 60 don’t cha know?

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