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They Say It’s Your Birthday
Today is my sister Jen’s 60th birthday. On my 60th birthday, she and Jll put together an extravaganza that included two personal chefs coming in and preparing me and mine a fabulous dinner that included cooking lessons. I can’t say I’m doing anything near that much fun for Jen; however, Bec (who will soon be leaving to return to sunny AZ) and I have put together quite a nice meal plan for tonight. You might remember that her daughter Maggie surprised her with a party for all of her friends back in July. You certainly can’t forget this…..

I wish her the happiest of birthdays, and am so very glad she is my sister, no matter her age.

Sunday was the big day of Dagny’s climb. I will be telling you all about it next week, as it was an extraordinary experience. What I will tell you today, however, is that while Bill and I had the best of intentions to be at the foot of the Third Flatiron when she set off on her climb, we didn’t make it. We nearly did. We probably made it 2/3 of the way. But towards the end, the climb went from a rocky dirt path to a dirty rock path. The rocks were treacherous, causing Bill to fall when the rocks moved under his feet. It could have easily been me. Thankfully he wasn’t seriously hurt. Nevertheless, he damaged his hand to the point where it might have been mistaken for ground meat. Well, I might be exaggerating just a tad. Anyway, I called Jll (because oddly and luckily, we had full cell service) who was at the base of the flatiron to tell her that we were going to head back down. She kindly came down to give us the car keys so that we could treat his hand with the first aid kit that anyone with a family of four kids likely carries in their car.

But speaking of climbing, I had done quite a bit of worrying about my ability to make that climb, because of my sore hip. I’m pleased to say that my hip didn’t give me much problem at all. Though I’m quite out of shape, I am also pleased to say that I did a pretty darn good job on the hike up until the time that I stopped doing a pretty darn good job. My main issue, however, was that my feet hurt. I was reminded that aging is quite humbling. I could have been in the best shape possible, and my bunion would still have hurt my feet, making the hike uncomfortable. Still, I have hope that with the right shoes, hiking might still be in my future.

During the many hours that we waited for Dagny and her pals to finish their climb, we (Dave, Jll, Alastair, Bill and I) looked for ways to kill time. Jll and Alastair tried a game of War that quickly fizzled out (as games of War tend to do); a couple of people tried Solitaire; I found a trivia game that quickly bored us to tears. Suddenly, we all heard the familiar tune of the ice cream truck entering the parking lot of Chautauqua Park. Yay. A sweet treat and a way to fight some of the boredom, at least for Alastair and Papa Bill. When the two returned with their sweets, Alastair was happily eating an ice cream sandwich. Bill looked much more disgruntled. He’d asked for a chocolate covered ice cream bar, but got this instead……

The sneer says it all.


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  1. Happy Birthday Jen, you young thing!

    A mangled hand is one thing, but that poor substitute for chocolate is just wrong.

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