Three in the Air

Every so often Court will lament about the difficulties associated with child rearing.  I have absolutely no time left for myself, he will say.

I oh-so-helpfully respond, you and every other working parent with small kids. I might – just maybe – remind him that no one made him have three kids. I remember the exact spot where I explained the facts of life to him (as he rolled his eyes, clearly wondering how I could possibly think he didn’t already know). The stork didn’t bring them those three wonderful children.

But every so often he gets even by leaving all three with me as he and his wife drive away for a few days alone. He did that very thing this week. Was that squealing tires I heard?

The two of them took a quick trip to Boston – he for business, she for a chance to sleep past 6 a.m. Oh, and a chance to see Faneuil Hall. His dad and stepmother are sharing child care duties with me. How bad could it be?

We both received an email with instructions that could rival General Eisenhower’s plans for D-Day. Our first warning was the title of the email: Instructions for Keeping Our Kids Alive. They apparently had low expectations.

I read through the instructions and broke out in a slight sweat. But on Monday morning, when I took possession of the kids, reality began to set in. Reality slapped me in the face when I started looking at the specific instructions for Tuesday.

Mylee has gym on Tuesday. Make sure she wears sneakers and appropriate clothes. (One plate in the air.) They all must take a bath or shower Monday night, and make sure to comb out Mylee’s hair or it will be a tangled mess Tuesday morning. Because, remember this…..

Oh, and make sure Kaiya takes her medication. (Two plates in the air.) Final bombshell: Tuesday is picture day for Cole so dress him in his dress clothes, spike his hair, and make sure his face is clean when you drop him off. If you can catch him was implied. (Three plates in the air.)…..

Oh, and Tuesday it’s his turn for snack. It’s got to be something healthy. I guess little powdered donuts don’t count. (CRASH.)

And that was just Tuesday. Today looked a bit easier (no hair spiking for photos). And once I drop all 3 kids at school, the baton is exchanged. And I start drinking Bloody Marys like THEY are health food. ( Tomato juice, you know.) Nana Carol and Papa David start the juggling.

I assure you, it doesn’t kill me – at least not quite – to watch these grands for a couple of days. I love that I can give our kids a break and some special time together. But it never fails to amaze me just how simple they all make it look, when it really isn’t.

I’m pretty sure tonight I will be in bed before they are.

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  1. When Maggie and Mark were in NYC last Nov she had the before school schedule written in 10 minute increments. It really helped! Do you remember I even drove a carpool to school?!! 😃

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