Bill, as you know, is a NASCAR fan, and for many years he was a Jeff Gordon fan. Gordon drove the No. 24 car. A few years ago, when Bill and I went to the NASCAR race in Phoenix, at my urging, he broke down and bought himself a 24 baseball cap at NASCAR race prices, and has worn it proudly to every race since.

In 2015, Gordon announced his retirement, and the 24 car was turned over to a young guy named Chase Elliott. After giving it much thought, Bill decided he would continue to support 24 and has cheered Elliott on for a couple of seasons.

Yesterday morning as Bill was reading his news, he announced to me that Chase Elliott has been assigned a new car — No. 9. Apparently Elliott’s father — also a racer — had driven No. 9, and in honor of his father, Chase asked for that number. Bill added that the 24 car was going to be driven by some young driver.

“So,” I asked Bill, “to whom are you going to be loyal — Chase Elliott or No. 24?”

Bill was quiet for a second or so, and then said, “Well, I don’t want to buy another hat.”

So I guess Bill will continue to support 24, no matter what kind of racer he is. The alternative would be to spend big bucks on another hat.

Have a great weekend.

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