Saturday Smile: School Smiles

Somewhere in one of my many moves as a young mother, I lost a box. I don’t know what all was in that box, but one thing that I know WAS in that box was a photo album that included many pictures of my son Court as a small boy. And one of those photos was of his very first day of Kindergarten. While I can’t produce the photograph, I remember clearly that he wore navy blue shorts and a green short-sleeved collared sports shirt. He probably wore silly white socks with blue and red stripes, because that’s what I rolled in the boys’ socks department.

Because I can’t produce that photo, I doubly love the photos our children take of their children on the first day of school each year…..

L-R Dagny prepares for her first day in middle school, sixth grade; Alastair is entering seventh grade; Dagny is heading of to high school. I love Dagny and Alastair’s briefcases.

Maggie Faith entered fourth grade, and I promise Biscuit-the-Guinea-Pig did not go to school with her.

Kaiya is entering fourth grade.

Mylee will be a second-grader this year.

And Cole, oh Cole. He is entering preschool. God bless his teachers.

The Vermont grandkids don’t start school until after Labor Day. Good luck to all of the Denver grands.

Have a great weekend.