Thursday Thoughts

Tuesday was Kaiya’s real birthday, though she will celebrate with her school friends on Saturday. I Face Timed her in the afternoon, once she was home from school. How does it feel to be 9? I asked her. Nana, she said in THAT voice. It doesn’t feel any different than being 8. As my sister Bec often says, she suspects our grands look at us and think, And they’re running the world. They came for dinner last night and I made her favorite kind of cupcakes – chocolate with mint frosting, with sprinkles, of course…..

My weekly (it seems) update on cute things I’m making and selling in my Nana’s Whimsies Shop (link above): Since the days are ticking by and Halloween is nearing, look at my adorable little ghost coasters. Or scrubbies. Or tie them to a string and call them a banner. Whatevah. I just think they’re very cute, and they take no time at all to make. Boo…..

Good News and Bad News
I stopped over to the McLains the other day on my way home from the grocery store because I wanted to see how their first couple of days of school had gone. Magnolia moved from third to fourth grade in the same school and Alastair moved from sixth to seventh grade in the same school, so I wasn’t really concerned about them. But both Dagny and Addie had moved to entirely new digs and I had been keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that the new schools would work out. As Alastair flew by, I asked him how school was going. Fine, he with a mouth full of after-school snack and kept on going. Addie was at volleyball practice, so I didn’t get to see her. But the fact that she made the volleyball team and had a practice to GO to was a good thing. Lots of new volleyball friends. I knew Magnolia was fine because I watched the eclipse with her. So that left Dagny. Well, she told me, there’s good news and bad news. Ooo boy. What’s the good news, I asked her. I made a new friend today. Her name is Amelia. Also, I figured out how to open up my locker. (This really was a very good thing, because on Sunday, she confided in me that she was very fearful she wasn’t going to be able to open her locker as she had struggled during locker-opening practice the week before.) I asked her for the bad news and held my breath. My locker partner doesn’t speak English. Hmmm. You mean, she doesn’t speak good English? I asked hopefully. No, she doesn’t speak any English at all. I have to use my hands to try to tell her things and it doesn’t really work very well. But Dagny doesn’t get the nickname Delightful Dee for nothing. She added, But the girl in the locker next to us speaks Spanish and English, and she translates for us. Also, even though my locker partner doesn’t speak English, she’s very cheerful and smiles all the time. At least there’s that.

House Beautiful
Speaking of smiling all the time, I’m certainly not. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about the remodel. The results thus far are amazing. I can’t believe Bill does such beautiful work. I will post pictures soon, but this is what much of our house looks like right now…..

Yesterday Bill went to Home Depot to get the rest of the red oak steps that will replace our awful carpeted steps – awful because the carpet was so dirty it simply wouldn’t come clean any longer. Twenty-five years of climbing on them will do that. He was working away while I was baking cupcakes. I heard a loud and unfamiliar noise. Are you okay? I asked him, just as I ask him about 25 times each day when I hear a loud noise similar to the sound of a construction worker falling. Yes, he told me. I bought a new drill today, and it’s a bit, well, aggressive. That’s what he said. I can’t make this stuff up. Who’s the patron saint of home remodel?


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  1. Kaiya is definitely a sprinkles on cupcake type of girl.
    Dagny’s locker partner is lucky to share with such a sweet girl.
    Love the ghosts!

  2. How blessed you are to be able to just drop by your grands and check on them. That is awesome. Mine live an hour away (which I am grateful they are that close and not across the country), not as easy to drop by after grocery shopping. 🙂

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