Thursday Thoughts

I know I keep showing you photos of pies that I have made, but that’s because I love pie. What’s more, I think a homemade pie is about the prettiest looking and yummiest tasting thing ever. Yesterday I made my first peach pie of the season. Well, it’s actually my second, but the first made with Colorado peaches, which are out of this world…..


The other pie I made on Monday came as a result of my peering into the cookie jar in which I keep the Oreos that Bill and all of the grandkids eat great quantities. What I saw was no more whole Oreos, and many broken-up Oreos. The last package I’d opened had included many broken Oreos. Rather than throwing them away, I made them into a pie crust. I then filled it with vanilla pudding poured over bananas — my mom’s banana cream pie. Except she would never in a million years use Oreos for the crust. Thought, admittedly, she might applaud my frugality. And it was eaten in its entirety following one dinner, thanks to grandkids…..

But I’m not the only one to create a masterpiece. Following our pickle-making experience, Alastair and Dagny created their own special treat from my pantry…..

The Falling Leaves
I’m trying to be a bit more anticipatory when it comes to my Etsy creations. Here is something I’ve been working on for fall…..

They can be placemats or they can be stitched together to make a table runner. Cute, no? I’m in the process of making ghost coasters for Halloween. Click on the Nana’s Whimsies link at the top of my post.

Boulder Cooking
While Jen and I were perusing the cookbooks at the Peppercorn in Boulder last weekend, I noticed a collection of cookbooks that I bet many of you don’t find in the cookbook section of your favorite bookstore. You gotta love Colorado…..


Corny Cole
Sweet corn from Olathe, CO,  is in the local grocery stores now, and no one is happier than 3-year-old Cole. Court and the kids have eaten with us for a couple of nights recently, and both times I served  Olathe sweet corn. Cole just gnaws through one, and reaches for another…..

No salt. No butter. This isn’t an acquired taste for him. I have this photo proving that even when he was a baby, he enjoyed sweet corn….

I’m happy to say he eats it without as much of the mess. I unfortunately cannot eat corn on my low-fiber diet. While I can cheat on a few things, corn, well, really not. Nevertheless, I am going to make some more in a few days, and I’m going to treat myself to a bite. It is really good corn.






3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Now I want to make some corn on the cob. My husband loves it – however, he smothers it in butter and salt. I don’t really approve, but it is only during the summer that I make it for him. So I look the other way. 😉

  2. I want some of those placemats to put under my fall dinner plates. And I wish I could get those yummy peaches and corn 🌽, although in my world any corn on the cob is good.

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