The Curse of Pikachu

I’ve said it before, and I will likely say it again. I don’t really understand Pokemon. It doesn’t really matter, however, because many of my grandkids are fans, and Mylee and Cole are fans in particular of a Pokemon character called Pikachu…..

According to Wikipedia, Pikachu is a short, chubby rodent, cheerful in expression. I, however, will tell you that as cheerful as his expression might be, he is evil in intent.

Sunday was Mylee’s 7th birthday, and her parents hosted her party at their house. The party had a Pikachu theme. Pikachu swim suit for Mylee…..

…..a giant Pikachu piñata…..

…..Pikachu gift bags and decorations and birthday cake.

The first sign of trouble was when the majority of Mylee’s party guests showed up without swimsuits, despite the fact that the invitation stated that there would be a water feature and that swimwear was necessary. Bill and I arrived to find Court and Alyx scrambling to dig up all manner of swimsuits so the all of the kids could enjoy this…..

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Things aren’t always what they seem, however, in the world of Pikachu.

The kids were finally all aptly attired and play began. The water feature had been set up by the place from which it was rented, and a hose had been attached. It quickly became apparent, however, that once the water was turned on, the pressure from the water would result in the hose falling from the top of the slide to the ground. A couple of attempts to reattach it were unsuccessful, so the result was that someone (and when I say someone, I mean Court) had to stand and shoot water onto the inflatable monstrosity for the entire time that the kids would play on it. And are there any circumstances under which the kids would grow tired of sliding down an enormous water slide? Nope.

It was about that time that Alyx leaned over from the deck overlooking the yard and said, “Does anyone own a black Volkswagen SUV parked in front of our house?”

Hmmmm. That would likely be me, as my yellow bug is currently in the shop and I am driving a black Volswagen Golf Alltrak loaner, and it was, indeed, parked in front of their house.

Alyx wasn’t just being curious. The fact of the matter was that one of the mothers dropping off her child had backed into my loaner car, resulting in a big dent on the side…..

The mother who backed into the car couldn’t have been nicer or more repentant, and I got all of her necessary information. Still, I wrecked a loaner car. Me. The one who owns a 14-year-old car with only 90,000 miles. Yes, I know that I didn’t actually wreck the car, but still….

Once we got that sort of settled down, I returned to the water monstrosity, only to learn that while we had been handling car accident matters, it had fallen over. I was holding the thing up so that the kids wouldn’t drown, Court informed me. Pikachu continued to look on with a face that was looking more and more sinister. Is that his tongue sticking out of his mouth?…..

Between Bill, Alyx, and Court, they got the water slide back up and running. Within moments, however, 3-year-old Cole, not understanding the dangers involved in water slides, did not move out of the way quickly enough for a gaggle of 6- and 7-year olds, and was slammed into by one of the other children. No permanent damage, thankfully, but a good sized bruise on his chin.

I’m happy to say that the remainder of the day went accordingly. I think it was because shortly after Cole’s accident, the pinata was broken, as was Pikachu’s spell.

The moral? Don’t ever trust a yellow rodent.

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