Thursday Thoughts

Beesness is Fine
A followup on yesterday’s post…..Dave is still in the apiary business, despite his run-in with one of the bees. He’s apparently never had a reaction to a bee sting before like he did this time. Of course, I’m not sure he has ever been stung just below his eye. Anyway, he’s not giving up on his buzzing friends, so D’s Honey might still be in my future.

Victory is Mine, I think
And speaking of stinging insects, I mentioned also in yesterday’s post that every summer we battle what I guess are paper wasps. I didn’t go out and get my entomology degree last night, so I can’t guarantee what they are. All I know is that despite many efforts over the years, I’ve never found anything that even remotely works. Until now. I found at Home Depot these wasp traps…..

They are nothing more than green and yellow things you hang where your wasps are flying that are sticky as can be. Within a day, the traps are covered with wasps. Of course, the down side is that it captures any flying insect that comes to check it out. However, it must be boring to most insects because we have captured surprisingly few bugs other than wasps. A few flies (and who misses those?), and sadly, one lady bug……

I just put up a new one yesterday, so we will see how long it takes to fill it up. By the way, I am not in business with the company that manufactures these traps. I just am happy they work…..

 Climb Every Mountain
I was telling a friend recently how much Dagny likes to climb, and that she was, in fact, taking climbing classes…..

My friend cheerfully volunteered her husband to take Dagny climbing outdoors in Boulder. It’s a safe climb and she would have two people accompanying her, my friend said. While Dagny loves to climb, she has never climbed outdoors. But when I suggested it to Dagny, she was quickly – QUICKLY – all in. So tonight my friend and her husband (who was volunteered, but cheerfully agreed) are coming to meet Dagny and her family to make sure they all trust one another. It will also give Scott a chance to see if he thinks Dagny is really ready for the challenge. My friend mentioned going to watch Dagny, but I’m not certain I will have the nerve. We’ll see.

Indoor Camping
Our family room is still a mess, but Bill is making progress. He spends every day working in that room. Thus far he has the drywall up and now he is taping it and trying to decide whether or not to have someone come in and finish it with texture. Yesterday he spent the day cleaning our fireplace with some cleaning solution strong enough that it required him to wear gloves. He did this in preparation for the next action, which is painting our fireplace white. Every night he pulls chairs into the room so that we can watch television and relax a bit. And then he pulls them out again in preparation for the next day’s work. It’s a seemingly never ending project, but he is definitely making progress.


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  1. I can’t wait to hear what Scott thinks after meeting Dagny. But I suspect it will be a go as THIRD BORNS RULE!

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