Saturday Smile: Say Cheeeeeez

All of my grands can swim (or in Cole’s case, is learning to swim). As a non-swimmer who is too scared to learn to swim (though most of my grandkids have offered to teach me), I am happy that they all can enjoy the water and be safe. But I believe every last one of them wears goggles if going underwater. Most insist on it, I believe. And I don’t blame them, because I wouldn’t like getting water in my eyes either.

My niece Maggie is also making certain that Austin and Lilly can swim. They are both taking lessons. Apparently wearing goggles is optional for those two…..

And it amused the heck out of me when I saw this photo. Apparently, if you are as much of a ham as Lilly, when a camera is in the vicinity and you’re told to say cheese, you smile for the camera like a supermodel, no matter your circumstances…..

Say cheese, indeed.

Have a great weekend.