Saturday Smile: Je fais avancer les choses

Dave and Jll and the kids joined some friends and family at an outdoor movie last week. The Secret Life of Pets was playing to an audience of 5,000 or so movie fans, all of whom sat on the grass enjoying a picnic as they watched. The movie, of course, was in English. One member of their group speaks French as the first language. So, while understanding English, movies and television programs are a bit easier to understand if there are subtitles.

Well, 10-year-old Dagny, being third-born, knows how to take matters into her own hands. She proceeded to walk over to the projectionist and ask him if he could add French subtitles to the movie.

Hmmm, the man pondered. Why not?

As a result, the 5,000 people watching The Secret Life of Pets that fine evening, did so with French subtitles…..

…..thanks to Miss Dagny, a third-born who makes things happen (Je fais avancer les choses) and who makes me smile.

Have a great weekend.

One thought on “Saturday Smile: Je fais avancer les choses

  1. Dagny Tess always makes me smile. And 5k people watching the Secret Life of Pets with French subtitles does too!

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