Saturday Smile: What’s Hangin’?

My 8-year-old grandson Joseph’s class has been studying landforms. (Trust me; when I was 8, I didn’t know what a landform was. I can only even now just guess.) At any rate he was able to choose any landform in the world, and after much consideration, he chose Hanging Lake, just outside of Glenwood Springs. He visited Hanging Lake a year or so ago with the McLain clan when they were visiting from Vermont, so he was able to speak with authority about his project…..


In real life, minerals in the lake make it turquoise…..

For the presentation, it was jello that made it turquoise. Clever, no?…..

Two additional points of note: First, the reason the sides of his head are shaved is that the photos were taken on Crazy Hair Day, and his mama shaved the sides of his head for the event. All that beautiful, thick, curly hair. And second, his little brother Micah provided moral support….

Have a great weekend.

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