Saturday Smile: Frosty

Yesterday I took Kaiya to an orthodontics appointment. When I dropped her off, I asked the kids if they wanted to go out for an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen as a treat from Nana before they left on their road trip to California today. Duh.

So we all piled into their family van, as my yellow bug won’t fit three, and drove the few blocks to the nearby Dairy Queen. All the way there, Kaiya talked about wanting a vanilla ice cream cone with spinkles, and Mylee talked about wanting a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Cole was pretty quiet about his choice, but both girls were certain he wanted a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. So that’s what I ordered.

Not unexpectedly, as soon as Cole spied Kaiya’s sprinkly cone, that’s what he wanted. And bless Kaiya’s little heart, she immediately agreed to exchange cones with him.

He was entirely satisfied with his cone, and it didn’t take long until this happened, and it made me smile…..

By the way, Kaiya gave herself the ice cream nose on purpose. Cole’s was entirely the work of a 3-year-old digging into a vanilla ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Have a great weekend.

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