Thursday Thoughts

Workin’ Man
When Bill McLain decides to be a workin’ man, he goes all in. We (and when I say we, I mean Bill) have been working on demolition of our family room in preparation for putting up drywall to replace the 70s paneling that has lined the walls since the house was built, and then painting. After that, he is going to embark on installing wood floors. To say it’s a lot of work is to put it lightly. Trust me when I say that Chip Gaines makes it look a lot easier than it actually is……

Do Not Tuch
Amidst all of the demolition, Mylee had built a variety of items out of Legos. When I went to clean up after she had left, I found her legos on top of this note….

Trust me. I didn’t tuch.

I’m pretty sure it’s official. I take the worst selfies in the entire universe. And this selfie, I’m afraid to say, is particularly bad. I took it during our trip yesterday to Rocky Mountain National Park. Bec thinks it’s just because we have short arms. That may be so, but from the looks of this photo, I have the arms of a Tyrannosaurus Rex…..

My goal, by the way, was to get a photo of us with the mountain in the background. Selfie fail.

So the Mountain Came to Mohammed
So, what the heck! I just took a photo of the mountain, which is very beautiful. And much more beautiful than it looks with our mugs in front of it….


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  1. Oh, Mylee. Trust me. That child is going to do just fine in this world.
    Bill looks very dressed up for a demolition project. Doesn’t he need to wear overalls or a toolbelt?!!

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