Thursday Thoughts

Play Ball
Tuesday evening, Bill and I watched Alastair play in his final baseball game of the spring season. His team — the Dodgers — sufficiently annihilated their opponent. Not that I was keeping score. We were able to see him do a nice job of playing catcher for a couple of innings, and then third base. We saw him at bat twice, and both times he was walked. A walk is as good as a hit, or so they say. And one of his walks did actually end with him scoring a run, but he was thrown out at home the second time. It was a nice night, and we were glad to get a chance to see him play, green shoes and all….

Edelweiss, Edelweiss, Every Morning You Greet Me
The above-mentioned song from Sound of Music is one of my favorites from that movie. In fact, I speak the truth when I tell you that I can’t hear it without tearing up. The reason? It’s the song I sang to every one of my grandkids when they were little and I was trying to rock them to sleep. I don’t know what I sang to Court when he was a baby, but I do know, whatever it was, it didn’t work. My grandmother once told me that the reason edelweiss flowers are so special in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland is because they only grow up in the mountains, so if your boyfriend brought you a bouquet of edelweiss, you knew you were something special because he climbed a mountain to get them. I wonder if my grandpa ever gave them to my grandma. Kids, ask your parents and grandparents questions NOW. Though I can see the mountains from my front yard, I don’t live in them, so no edelweiss in my garden. However, I think my columbines are very pretty this year. Columbines are Colorado’s state flower…..

Colorado’s state tree is the blue spruce, and there is one that was the size of a Christmas tree when we moved into the house 25 years ago that now towers over our back yard. The state dinosaur, by the way, is the stegosaurus, and there is not a single one of those anywhere in our yard.

What Time is It?
Time to get a new watch, I’m afraid. My watch is probably six or seven years old. Maybe older. It’s an inexpensive Timex. Nevertheless, I love that watch. It’s comfortable and for an inexpensive watch, it keeps really reliable time. And when we are moving from one time zone to another, I watch Bill work with his fancy dancy watch to get it to the right time via technology, while in the meantime, I just turn the little knob to the correct time. Yesterday, I was spending an enjoyable morning paying bills (do you recognize sarcasm?) and I glanced at my watch. It said 8:45. I was kind of surprised, because it seemed later than that. But, I said to myself, when you get up at 5:30 a.m., it’s not surprising that it would seem later than it actually is. So I went back to paying bills. A short time later, I heard Bill holler up to me, “Kris, I’m leaving for lunch. See you later.” Surprised, I glanced at my watch to see what time it was. As you might have guessed, it was 8:45. Ooooo boy. I had plans to meet a friend for lunch at 11:30. I looked at my cell phone to find the correct time, and was relieved that it was only 11 o’clock. Happily, I was dressed and mostly ready to go, but plans to ride my scooter went out the window. The always-helpful Bill pulled the battery out of the watch later, and I purchased a new battery, which he installed. No dice. The minute hand just stayed put. Bill said, “Well, the good news is that even a broken watch is right twice a day.” Hardy har har. Looks like I’ll have to dig deep in my pocket and fork over $36 for a new watch exactly like this one…..

It’s All Good
Last night my niece Maggie sent me this photo of her kids Austin and Lilly Marie settling in to watch a movie with a popsicle and the blankets I made them. Life is good…….


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  1. Our mom loved columbines.
    Our world would be a better place if everyone owned one of those blankets you make. When I sit to read or watch tv I have mine on my lap every. single. time. 😊 Bj sits with it when he comes over!

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