Saturday Smile: He’s Safe Safe Safe

My great nephew Austin loves to play baseball. He’s on a little league team, but he has probably learned as much from his dad Mark as he has any of his other coaches, because DAD. And the one thing Austin loves most — and is decidedly good at doing — is sliding. If you are familiar with 6-year-old baseball, you understand there are almost no circumstances under which a player needs to slide. There is too much confusion in the outfield to warrant any possibility of a ball being tossed to home plate. Still, he demonstrates a beautifully performed slide in this video….

But what made me smile is when my sister Jen (Austin’s grandmother) told me that at his final game of the season — and the one time she got to see him while she is visiting from Colorado — he not only slid into base; he slid into the dugout. I’m pretty sure Chicago Cubs player Kris Bryant hasn’t accomplished that feat.

Something that didn’t necessarily make me smile was this…..


Poor Bill had to shovel his car on MAY 18 in order to meet a friend for lunch. Will spring never come to Colorado?

Have a great weekend.

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