Thursday Thoughts

Boas and Squirts
We have hit the ground running in the grandchildren department. We got home late on Tuesday afternoon, and were at a birthday party for Maggie Faith by 5:30. She turned 9, which is simply not possible. Even at 9, she is a diva, thanks to a present she received from Allen and Emma. Who doesn’t want to wear a boa and butterfly wings?…..

I made it over for a quick stop yesterday at the school where Dagny and Maggie Faith were managing to get in their Field Day before the snow hit early this morning. The activities seemed to involve a lot of water. Here is Maggie blindfolded and attempting to make a fellow classmate (and occasionally an onlooker, just sayin’) soaking wet, and clearly having fun doing it…..

I also made a quick stop at a local coffee shop that was featuring the art of Mylee’s class after school, and Mylee, Kaiya, Cole, and their mommy were there. I surprised them as they didn’t even know we were back in Denver yet. Cole was the first to see me, and he literally did a double-take, ran to his mommy, pointed and said, “Nana!”

Road Treats
As usual, we spent the first night of our trip home in Albuquerque, where we had our traditional meal at the Frontier Restaurant right across the street from the University of New Mexico campus. That restaurant alone would make me willing to encourage a grandchild or two to attend that college. The Frontier burrito is delicious, and though I only eat it a couple of times a year, I think of it more than I’d care to admit. As you can tell, I add additional HOT green chile and hope for the best…..

And on the second day, Bill spotted a roadside sign for a bakery in Las Vega, NM, and he was SO THERE. As usual, he was right on, because the bakery was delicious. They specialize in pastries, as the cream puff on the front of the building indicates…..

But the cream puffs in the showcase were stellar as well. I didn’t have one. Too decadent for 9 o’clock in the morning….

Route 66
Much of the interstate highways through Arizona and New Mexico are either part of, or parallel to, Route 66. Many years ago, Bill rode his motorcycle on the entire stretch of Route 66, so he has already seen many of the unusual sights along this famous highway. But as we drove around Holbrook, AZ, looking for a grocery store, we came across the Wigwam Motel. This famous motel (of which I had never heard) consists of units shaped like, well, wigwams. Politically incorrect or not, how cool is that?…..

Oh, the Weather…
And yes, you read that correctly up above. I did say snow. Denver is expecting up to 2 inches, but the people-in-the-know are saying up to two FEET in the foothills of Boulder County and Larimer County. This had better be it. Bring on spring!