Saturday Smile: Jump

My post about our hot air balloon experience drew a lot of comments. One of my favorites came from my cousin Kate, who told me a hot air balloon ride was on her bucket list. She forwarded the post on to her husband. His response was, “Let’s go jumping.” And then she sent me these photos from a bungee jump adventure her husband had experienced from Victoria Falls Bridge in Africa. All I can say is, NO……


and most assuredly, NOOOOOOO…….

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Jump

  1. It’s so funny, Kris. Keith just returned home from Dubai and we had our Friday night cocktail in the Jacuzzi. I was telling him that you said absolutely NO to a bungee jump. He cast a few aspersions regarding your bravery, and I reminded him that ths was Marge & Reinie’s daughter he was talking about and he’d better be careful lest Aunt Marge hit him upside the head from beyond. I sincerely feel that whenever he enters Heaven, Aunt Marge will be there with arms crossed and foot tapping. He was SO high after the jump — for the entire plane trip back to Johannesburg — it was an exponential adrenaline rush for him. Victoria Falls is spectacularly beautiful, as is the Victoria Falls Hotel. Elephants walked down the path to the falls before we did! Thanks for the post!

    • He can cast all the aspersions he wants, because as chicken as he thinks I am, I assure you I am far more chicken. But you are right; Mom will have a word with him,as I’m sure I was her favorite! 🙂

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