Thursday Thoughts

Happy Memories
Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 91 years old. He passed away in 2010, but I never fail to think of him on his birthday, in the same way I think of my mom every September 16. Sometime about mid-afternoon, I got a text from my brother, saying Happy birthday Dad. I wrote yesterday about Bill’s father, but today I tell you all that I had a very good man for a father too. I hope our kids will say the same sorts of things about Bill and me when we’re long gone. I’m pretty sure that today was my paternal grandfather’s birthday. Funny how I remember that, and he’s been gone for 40-some years. And yet, I can’t remember where I’ve left my telephone most of the time.

T-Mobile, Can You Hear Me Now?
And speaking of my telephone, when I purchased my new iPhone awhile back, I did so on the installment plan from T-Mobile in which they simply add the cost of the phone to our regular bill monthly until it’s paid off. Up until then, T-Mobile was one of the bills my husband paid. He would get an email from T-Mobile and act accordingly. But when I bought my telephone, I told Bill I would be happy to just take over that entire bill, including my telephone, and he agreed. Our thought was we would just change the email address so that I would get the bill instead of him. Easy peasy, right? Except, not. First of all, when we suggested that to the telephone salesperson (who was probably 20 years old), he looked like a deer in the headlights. “Um, um, um, I can’t do that here,” he stammered. “You need to talk to Payment Services.”  Which would be fine, except we can’t find payment services. So Bill went online and found a link to an account representative you could talk to online. He did, and explained that he would like to change the email address of the person paying the bill. We worked with her all afternoon, I kid you not, but finally had a vague thought that we might have gotten through to her. But no, because the next month Bill once again got the email. He forwarded it to me, and I paid the bill, hoping, but certainly not confident, that the next month it would come to me. Nope. I finally told Bill, just forward the bill to me each month and let’s not worry any more. So Bill got the bill yesterday, and for inexplicable reasons, it was only half of what it had been.  He spent his afternoon trying to get it worked out, and believes he has, but I’m not confident.

Hot Stuff
The temperatures are starting to warm up here in AZ. This past week, the highs have hovered very near 100, though as of yet, it hasn’t reached three digits. I guess it’s time to get out of Dodge, as they say.

For the past few months, Bill has been experiencing a lot of hip pain, and I finally talked him into seeing a doctor. They did an x-ray, and not surprisingly, there was evidence of some bone degeneration in his back. My guess is if you shot an x-ray of every single person over the age of 60 here in the Valley of the Sun, most would show degeneration. Still, the day that he went to his first physical therapy appointment, I was somewhat amused to see that every person in the office was around Bill’s age…..

I was further amused when one of the fellows said to the guy sitting next to him, “I wonder which part of my body I should have them work on today?” It came as no surprise that the background music was Frank Sinatra.

Pretty Flowers
And finally, as every spring when the cactus bloom, here is a photo of our beautiful prickly pear cactus showing off its color. I’m always sad that my sister Jen isn’t here to see it…..

And a few years back, Bill planted what was called a hibiscus tree, which purported to be an annual, but the fact of the matter is that it has bloomed every year since. This year it is especially pretty….


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  1. I have many fond memories of your Dad! The bakery, barbeques and arguing about college football (since I’m an OU fan). Your parents were such wonderful people and role models.

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