Saturday Smiles: More Smiles!

This week has gone by in a flash, but here are a few things that made me smile while in Denver last weekend, if you can stand a few more photos of that trip.

My sister Jen came to visit on Sunday, and we had the opportunity to go geocaching. We greatly missed my geocaching buddies Maggie and Dagny, but still, ended up one for two in our search. Here is Jen uncovering a geocache that was stuck inside a log….

The spring flowers are blooming in Denver, though since we left town, they have had to bloom through a bit of snow. Here, though, is a particularly pretty tree of some sort that we came across while on our geocaching adventure….

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that our Zierk grands love Play Doh. Love, in fact, is not a strong enough word. There was a lot of creating going on, but perhaps this simple sculpture says it all.

What is it, you ask? According to its creator, Kaiya, it is unicorn poop. All it needs is eyes and a mouth, and it could be an emoji.

And finally, Alastair’s birthday was Wednesday, two days after we left. So he celebrated with us on Saturday. He turned a mighty 12!…..

Don’t you love my gift wrapping?

Have a great weekend.

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