Saturday Smile: Splash

The coolish winter has morphed into a pretty warmish spring in the Valley of the Sun. The days are now reaching 90 degrees or more, and at 8 o’clock at night, it’s still in the 80s. It does cool down sometime around 4 o’clock in the morning to the mid-60s, but still, the days are hot.

Since Jen has been visiting, her grands have spent time over at the house. Last spring, Jen dug deep into her pocket and bought a swimming pool. Not a big fancy one, mind you. Instead, she spent maybe 8 or 9 dollars and bought one of those little plastic blow-up pools. It was the best money she ever spent because her grandkids love that pool. I can relate, because almost to the very last ones, my grandkids also love when I blow up a plastic pool in our backyard in the summer. Still, my pool is rather large; this pool is maybe three or four feet across.

Thursday we blew up the pool, and they spent the afternoon doing this, about a million times…….

They couldn’t possibly had more fun even if the water had been 6 feet deep. Giggles galore. Simple pleasures.

Have a great weekend.

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