Saturday Smile: No Bartering at this Yard Sale

I have mentioned before — maybe two or three hundred times — that the area in which we spend January through May is the Wild, Wild West. Admittedly, most of the Phoenix metro area could be considered the Wild, Wild West (I just heard the entire town of Scottsdale suck in their breath) because it’s the home of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who used to make his male prisoners dress in pink when they were out picking up litter as part of their punishment. He was defeated in the last election. Even President Trump couldn’t carry him into another term on his coattails.

But the area of Mesa in which we live is more like Dodge City than other parts of the Phoenix metro area. Perhaps it’s our proximity to Apache Junction. In fact, you may recall that I recently posted a blog in which I noted that Bill’s nearby barber was packing heat as he cut Bill’s hair. So it should have come as no surprise to see this sign just down the street from where we live……


Yard sales are big around here. Huge. In fact, I think it might be some people’s way of earning a living. Just sayin’. But I must admit I’ve never seen a sign for an Ammo Yard Sale. Bill and I drove by just to see if they were really selling ammo in their front yard, and indeed they were. It was on a table just behind the kids toys and right under the worn-out T-shirts. I have the photo to prove it…..


It’s not a great photo, but let’s face it. One doesn’t want to annoy a person who is selling ammo in her front yard by taking pictures of her yard sale. It wouldn’t be prudent.

Have a great weekend.

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