Thursday Thoughts

Kid Fix
I’ve been missing all of my grandkids like crazy, so I was happy that I got to spend some time with a few of my great-nieces and great-nephews yesterday. I called Bec in the morning to see if she wanted to meet for lunch. She did, but there was one caveat. She had agreed to pick up her 10-year-old granddaughter Mackenzie at the school bus because her school had an early release and Mom and Dad have that pesky thing called a job. Could she tag along? Duh. Of course. Because I love nothing more than seeing the world through the eyes of our grandkids. We let Mackenzie pick the restaurant. She chose Johnny Rockets. As we waited for our food, the server brought us this…..


If you look carefully, somewhere in there are eyes, a nose, a mouth, and – what? – maybe a bow? Cute.

Mackenzie was given the choice of either a milkshake at JR’s, or a cupcake from Caketini’s around the corner. Without hesitation, she chose the cupcake. For the record, I would have picked a milkshake any day of the week. Nevertheless, this was what she chose, and I must say that watching her eat it made me realize that she made the correct decision…..


But the highlight of our noontime experience was at Bath and Body Works, which has, as you know, about a million fragrances of bath products, causing my eyes to roll back in my head as I try to select one or two. As for Mackenzie, she took considerable time selecting a variety of some antibacterial lotions that come in lovely fragrances. Apparently the kids attach them to their backpacks and it’s a THING. Her eyes didn’t roll back in her head…..


I had to make sure I was home by 2:45, however, because I had agreed to watch Jen’s grands, Austin and Lilly, for a couple of hours between the time that Maggie had to go to work and Mark got off of work. They came over to our house. We spent time at the park, with an emphasis on hide-and-seek. As you know, usually when you play hide-and-seek with a 3-year-old, you pretty much can look in the same spot each time. However, Miss Lilly has been known to hide from her mom and dad in their house, and has the ability to maintain perfect silence for long enough to make them get anxious. Despite her age and size, she is a masterful hider. So I made sure to keep one eye open as she hid, not wanting to have to explain to her dad that she was lost.

When we got home, she and Austin – just like Peppa Pig – jumped in muddy puddles……


So I had a great day all-in-all, but I’m afraid I still miss my grandkids.

Booger Candy
When our Vermont family was visiting over the Christmas holiday, they had the opportunity to play a game in which the point of the game is you had to choose one out of two candies that looked the same. The catch? One of the candies might taste like root beer and the other candy might taste like vomit. Though we declined over and over, the grandkids finally made their papa and I try it. Twice. Because God is good, we each lucked out and both of our candies were good ones. But that experience explains why when Joseph and Micah Face Timed us to thank us for their Valentine’s candy jars, the first thing Joseph said was, “Nana, I was so glad that my skittle didn’t taste like boogers.” Indeed.


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  1. Random fact. I was there the first time Kenzie ate a cupcake. It was at Grace’s first bday part, I believe. With Kenzie and cupcakes, the rest is history!

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