Nimble Fingers

Any time I have any kind of health issue, Bill blames it on stress. If my tummy hurts, Bill says it’s because of stress. If I get a cold, stress has weakened my immune system. If I stub my toe, it’s because I was worrying about something which led to my tripping over my big toe.

There’s a line in the movie The Blind Side where Leigh Ann Tuohy (played brilliantly by Sandra Bullock) responds to something her husband says by saying, “You’re right,” to which he responds, “How’d that taste?” to which she responds, “Like vinegar.”

So, I have to say that there’s a pretty good chance that Bill is correct, and yes, that tasted like vinegar!

I know that I pledged that I was going to be entirely stress-free in 2017, but so far, it’s a slow-go. I’m better, I promise. But I do still worry about, well, just about everything, at least a little. You’d think being literally thousands of miles away from almost everyone I worry about would help, but then I just worry that I might have something to worry about but they aren’t telling me.

But I recently discovered that the answer to all of my stress-related concerns is the very thing I do almost daily – crocheting. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, because my grandmother happily knitted and crocheted just about any time she had the opportunity….


….and she seemed pretty stress-free, or at least it appeared so to me. She cried when she would laugh hard, and I saw her with sad tears when my grandpa died. Otherwise, she was always happy. Or hid her fear, stress, and sadness in ways that didn’t result in tummy aches, colds, and/or stubbed toes.

According to an article in the newsletter I receive on a regular basis from Red Heart (which sells all things yarn and yarn-related), crocheting and knitting are two of the best ways to control stress. The relaxed, repetitive motions used in crochet and knitting help to calm the body and brain. Crocheting and knitting keep the mind sharp as the crafter uses math skills while trying to work most patterns. And finally, these crafts improve fine motor skills and help to keep  fingers nimble.

For the most part, I find this to be true. For me, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in my chair and working on something that requires nimble fingers but not a lot of counting or keeping track of a pattern. Perhaps my mind is improving every time I try to figure out a new pattern, but my path to heaven certainly isn’t getting any clearer because new projects = lots of cussing. I never heard my grandmother cuss.

Having said that, in my ways, being challenged by making something I have never before attempted to make is fun, and when I am successful, man! I feel so satisfied.

Not long ago, I made an afghan for my great-niece who recently turned 3. My sister Jen bought the yarn and I commenced crocheting…..


Lilly was very happy with her gift. A day or so later, my sister Bec asked me if I would make the same afghan so she could give it to her neighbors who recently had a baby. Again, she bought the yarn and I have begun that afghan. My niece Josey also inquired about the possibility of an afghan for her bed, and I agreed. I am very excited that I have lots of crochet projects in my future.

I will be so relaxed that Bill will have to carry me to bed.

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    • Thank you. The afghan is made out of that really soft blanket yarn, so it works great for baby or kids’ afghans. Definitely cheaper than therapy. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Must be something to do with our Micek blood. I worry about everything as did my mother. I even worried because I had nothing to worry about (really)

  2. Nana I still remember watching that with u for the first time. Just a few minutes ago before I read this Alastair asked me what my favorite movie was and I said the Blindside.

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