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Clooney the Handyman
In my blog post from yesterday, I mentioned that George Clooney got his acting start as a doctor on the television program ER. A faithful reader gently reminded me that his television career began earlier. Actually, she didn’t remind me, but actually informed me, because I didn’t know it to begin with. Mr. Clooney actually had a regular role on a sitcom called The Facts of Life, in which he played a handyman. From further research, I learned that he also had a role in an episode of The Golden Girls, where he played a police detective. Who knew?

Here is a photo of Mr. Clooney as George Burnett the handyman, and another of my nephew Erik. See how they are both sporting mullets? The resemblance was too astounding to not share (also, I like to remind Erik of his golden years as often as I can…..


Impressionable Impressionists
The school which Kaiya and Mylee attend has what seems to this rank amateur as a very good art program. Parents and grandparents know that Art is no longer a regular subject, and is handled differently in each school district. Their district offers Art as one of the Special Subjects, alternating with other subjects such as Technology and PE. But their school features something called Artsonia, in which Art teachers post students’ art projects and subscribers (who are authorized by the parents) are alerted every time the student has a new piece of art posted. I really love that, especially since I am 900 miles away from their art projects. Yesterday I was alerted that Mylee had a new piece of art posted, so I eagerly checked it out. Apparently the first graders are studying Impressionist art, something I didn’t realize existed until college! Here is Mylee’s masterpiece, next to Monet’s original work entitled Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies. You can decided which is which. For my part, I am extremely impressed….



Long Live the Queen
For those of us still reeling from the loss of Downton Abbey on Sunday nights, PBS is offering Victoria, the story of the life of Queen Victoria. I don’t know how factual the series is, but what I do know is that I am enjoying it a great deal. It even has upstairs/downstairs drama, ala Downton, though admittedly, the downstairs staff  haven’t grabbed me quite like Mrs. Patmore or Mr. Carson did. Still, it’s fun to imagine life in the mid 1800s, and it’s interesting to see the life of the queen, who, until Queen Elizabeth II recently surpassed her, had the longest reign of any monarch. And it’s a love story, to boot. Maybe she’s the one who put Prince Albert in a can.

Honey Lemon
“Have you ever seen the movie Big Hero?” Bec asked me recently as we were having lunch. I admitted I had not, though I’ve seen very many movies with my grandkids. I knew Big Hero was one of the many animated Disney movies that have come out as of late. She had recently watched it with her grands. “Well, I know this is going to sound silly,” she said, “but there’s a character in the movie that reminded me of, well, Dagny.” Dagny, of course, is my 10-year-old granddaughter who likes to climb anything and study insects and has been voted by the family to be The Most Likely McLain To Have A Tattoo. Dubious honor to be sure. You’d better not, Dagny. Anyway, as soon as I could, I checked it out. Without even knowing the character’s name, I immediately knew which one Bec was talking about. Honey Lemon. The comparison is in part the fact that she has honey-colored hair and wears glasses. But, according to Disney’s own description of Miss Honey Lemon: Honey may be as sweet as her namesake, but she has a fire in her belly and a can-do attitude that make her pretty much unstoppable. And, well, that certainly describes Dagny Tess to a T. I think that, more than anything, is why Bec saw the resemblance. Honey Lemon and Delightful Dagny….



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  1. Our son Quinn LOVES that movie. It is so darling. The way you describe Dagny, it does seem like this is true about her. I also like to think she will change the world for real as her namesake did in fiction.

  2. Wow…I want my own cartoon character…a good one! I think both George C and your nephew look good in their choice of haircut. I remember watching Clooney in the Facts of Life. I just wasn’t sure where it fit in his timeline. But now that think about it, of course ER would have followed the sitcom. Duh.

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