Saturday Smile: Manners and Honesty

Every year following Christmas, the four McLains are instructed by their parents to sit down and write thank-you notes to everyone who gave them a gift. They all write their own notes. Jll tells them to write something from the heart, and to give their notes some thought before writing them.

Jll’s sister Julie received this note from Alastair, which she posted on Facebook…..


By the way, the notation in the bottom corner apparently refers to Jll’s insistence that he give thought to what he writes.

You have to give the child points for honesty. And poor Addie….

Have a great weekend.





3 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Manners and Honesty

  1. This made me laugh! Shooting Addie is a real stress reliever for Alastair. PS Julie is a great gift giver. Pie of the month is brilliant.

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