Thursday Thoughts

The Weather Outside is Frightening
There are many reasons why I like living in AZ in the winter, but not having to shovel snow is certainly NOT among the least of them. While it has been a bit chilly as of late here in the Valley of the Sun, chilly means low 60s. So when Jen sent us this photo that she took yesterday…….


Bill was oh-so-amused with himself when he sent back this photo, with a note indicating that because he was a bit chilly sitting outside, he was wearing flannel…..


As you could imagine, her sides hurt from laughing.

I had a couple of people requesting reviews of the movie Sing after I posted yesterday that I was seeing it with my sister Bec and her grands. Unfortunately, circumstances resulted in me being unable to see the movie, but I am determined to see it, even if I have to go by myself. Bill is very understanding, but not quite that understanding. Bec said it was oh-so-good, and that Mackenzie and Carter were absolutely riveted, barely fighting over the popcorn.

I mentioned that Bill and I were both suffering a bit from back pain due to our sudden return to exercise. Bill is actually recovering much quicker than I. Nevertheless, we determined yesterday morning that rather than going to the gym, we would take a gentle walk in our neighborhood. Which he did. I, on the other hand, gave it a go, but my back hurt enough that the thought of getting a mile or so away and realizing I couldn’t make it back would be a bad thing. So I gave up the goat and came back home, while he continued on. Friday, my friends. I will be ready on Friday.

At the Movies
Bill is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and as such, he gets access to movies that are likely contenders to awards. Generally the movies are so sad and depressing that we are reluctant to watch. Night before last, for example, we watched the movie Jackie. Now, I knew that it was the story of Jackie Kennedy in the days following the assassination, so I knew it was going to be somber. But my heavens. Slit my wrists right now. Bill asked me if I thought the acting was award-worthy, and I guess I think that it really isn’t. Natalie Portman just didn’t ring true to me. What can I say. Sad times, though, wasn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I was on the fence about the movie Jackie, now I won’t bother. I like more upbeat movies. I try to avoid those that make me depressed! I am looking forward to seeing Sing though.
    It got chilly in New England after our semi-balmy Christmas. Oh well…. we can’t all be living the dream in AZ!

  2. So happy you’re taking good care of yourself and your bothersome back. Can’t think of a better place to recover than Arizona either. Poor little Jen. I wish she was retired and didn’t have to get out!

  3. I need the story of how he is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. I also need the story of his Reagan connections! Peel an onion and lots of layers there with your man!

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