Taming the Beast

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, the final weeks of each year are beef-intensive. The year 2017 began accordingly with a Big Beef Bang as Bill and I celebrated new year with most of our AZ family at Bec’s house. The guest of honor was what Bec began affectionally calling The Beast….


The day was kind of cool and rainy, rain being fairly unusual in this area, though not shocking. Still, there were a total of 17 bodies at Bec’s house who mostly couldn’t go outside. So the adults hung around the kitchen counter awaiting the grand entrance of The Beast, and the kids found ways to play despite being stuck indoors. There was a lot of hide-and-go-seek.hanging-out-new-years-2017

Bec removed the roast from the oven to rest…..


After resting for half an hour or so, Bill began to carve, first cutting up the bones…..


And then slicing the meat into serving size….



But it wasn’t all work and no play…..


And now we’re all ready to face 2017. While we’d like to say no more beef for awhile, it’s safe to say we all went home with a bag of leftovers.

Family. What a great way to start the new year.

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