Thursday Thoughts

Water Shortage
You will recall that we had plumbing problems the few days before we left for AZ. Finally, we had a plumber come in on Dec. 22. The poor fellow spent from 8:15 in the morning until 5:30 that evening in our crawl space, working first on finding the clog, and subsequently on cutting out the pipe in which the clog lived and replacing it with new unclogged pipe. For some of that day, we still had use of one of our three bathrooms. Unfortunately, it was our master bath, which is upstairs, far, far away from our kitchen. For much of the day, however, after he found the clog and had the pipe cut, we had no water at all. This scenario went on for a three or so hours. All of this would have been not such a problem had I not been cooking my holiday dinner for Court and his family that night. Imagine preparing a twice-baked potato casserole, rolls, three racks of lamb, roasted asparagus, and crème brule in a house without water. I felt like Ma Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, though I’m pretty sure she never made crème brule. But things turned out fine and we had a lovely dinner and holiday celebration. And no matter how difficult my activities were, I kept reminding myself that at least I wasn’t the plumber, who, upon finally finding the clog, came upstairs soaking wet and explained to Bill that he had gotten showered with, well, I don’t really even want to think about it. There is always someone who has a worse job than you, isn’t there?

UPS and Downs
Rather than checking a bag on the plane, Bill and I decided to send a big box of all sorts of things, from our Google Home to many of my clothes via UPS. It arrived somewhat later than we had expected, and I was pretty much confined to one set of clothes, but the box finally arrived yesterday afternoon. Yay. The mornings here are fairly cool, but this week it has warmed up to the low- to mid-60s during the day. I only had very lightweight clothes, having packed all of my long-sleeved shirts in the mailed box, so I would wear my one-and-only sweater to keep warm in the morning and evening. My family will probably be very glad to see me in something a bit different.

Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Right before we left last week, I came across something at our Denver neighborhood Walmart that I had never seen before……


Now, I have never tasted Duke’s mayonnaise, but if you are from the south, apparently mayonnaise OTHER than Duke’s is practically unpalateable. So I bought it, and then shipped it in the aforementioned box since I was not confident that it would be at our Walmart here in Mesa. I haven’t yet checked. I also haven’t yet opened up the jar, having had mayo in my refrigerator to use up, and no need to use mayo in the past day-and-a-half since we received the box. I wonder if I will notice any difference. By the way, the caption refers to the fifties song with these lyrics….

Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl
Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl.

Songs lyrics were so meaningful back in the good ol’ days. Of course, that reminded me of the meaningful lyrics to the University of Oklahoma’s fight song, which go something like this….

Boomer Sooner, boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, boomer Sooner.
Boomer Sooner, boomer Sooner,
Boomer Sooner, OKU.

Sorry. I’m from Nebraska. I was brought up to hate the Oklahoma Sooners.

Time to Plant
This is what I like about Arizona in the winter. While it’s not 85 degrees out, the nights, though somewhat cool, are way above freezing, and the days are typically 65 degrees or more in January. What does this mean? I can plant my herbs and put out my flower pots. Yay!….


Ready for planting!


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