Cold Noses

There’s kind of a funny phenomenon around Colorado. When the weather talk turns to snow, the grocery stores start to empty their shelves.

Except it doesn’t seem to have happened this time around. Well, except for me.

The weather people began talking a few days ago about a change in weather. While we’ve had mostly a mild fall and early winter, the somber meteorologists began talking a few days ago, first, about a drop in temperature; and second, about measurable snowfall.

Rats. Bill and I had sort of hoped this kind of weather would hold off until after Christmas so that we would already be settled in nice mild-temperatured Arizona when the snowflakes made their first serious appearance.

The snow was scheduled to start falling anywhere from late yesterday morning to just before Tuesday rush hour. In fact, the first flakes didn’t begin to fall where we live until around 9 or 10 o’clock. Monday’s weather forecast said four to six inches would fall in Denver. Enough that we were going to have to pull out our snow shovel. Rats again.

Except that didn’t happen, again, at least not here. This morning when I got up, the grass is barely covered with a bit of snow. But it is as cold as a family dinner with the Trumps and the Clintons.

I made a point of getting to the grocery store yesterday morning sometime around 9 o’clock to beat the egg-and-bread hoarding crowd. The temperature was in the low 20s, but the sky was blue as a robin’s egg. But apparently the fear-of-snow phenomenon was limited only to me because the store was practically empty of people but full of eggs, milk, bread, and eggnog – all of the blizzard staples. But I didn’t care because I wanted to be at home, nestled in my easy chair when the first flakes began to fall. And I was. Long before, in fact.

There are a couple of kinds of people in the world. There are those who like sunny, warm weather, short-sleeves, flip flops, and gin-and-tonics. That would be me. Then there are those who like cold temperatures, snow falling, snow boots, and hot chocolate. That would NOT be me. And it would not be Bill. Despite both of us having grown up in the Midwest, we each groan when we hear that the temperatures will be freezing or lower. And we tear up when we hear that snow will be falling.

The only thing good about cold weather is cooking. While I love to grill, after a few months of chops and steaks and burgers cooked outdoors, I yearn to put on a pot of soup or place a tough cut of meat in my Le Creuset Dutch oven and let it simmer until it’s fall-off-the-bone tender.

I love heating up my house by baking bread or cookies or roasting meat in the oven.

Because the fact of the matter is that our house is COLD. It is a two story, built-in-the-early-70s sieve. So, during much of the winter – at least when we are here – we have cold noses and chilly toes, even when we turn up the temperature.  We have taken to really looking like old people with our cardigans or sweater vests.

When I awoke today, the temperature was in the single digits. The high temperature is predicted to be 13 or 14 degrees. But that’s okay, because I went to the grocery store yesterday. So I will nestle into my chair today, just as I did yesterday, try to stay warm, and think about the mild temperatures coming my way soon.

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8 thoughts on “Cold Noses

  1. While most presnow grocery shoppers stock up on milk and bread I stock up on canned tomatoes. My pantry is ready for you snow!

  2. I hear you…I am not a fan of the cold either. Once I get though one snow fall I am good for the whole year. However, the winter season doesn’t usually agree with me. We haven’t seen any snow flakes yet in Southern Connecticut, which is a bit of a surprise for December. Hopefully it is a good sign.

  3. Least you were able to get the the grocery store and are all settled in. Cold here as well. Thanks for linking up with the Blogging Grandmothers.

  4. Oh I am so torn. I love flip flops and the ease of just jumping in the car without a heavy coat. But I so love the coziness of cold weather and a pot of something good simmering on the stove. I love the cold when I do not have to go out in it and can snuggle in and enjoy. Thank you for sharing with #blogginggrandmothers and stay warm.

  5. I always smile when I read posts about snow. I live in Western Australia and we’re coming into Summer at full speed. No snow here (never a flake has fallen) but there is a fair amount of sweaty-ness to offset your cold nose and toes!

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