Thursday Thoughts: Wednesday-Before-Thanksgiving Edition

Why Wednesday?
I am offering you my thoughts on Wednesday, because I plan to be eating lots and lots of turkey and dressing tomorrow, and lots and lots of turkey-and-dressing sandwiches on Friday and Saturday, and then the inevitable turkey tetrazzini on Sunday. Therefore, you will not see a blog post from me until Monday. And then I will likely be blogging about overeating!

Giving Thanks
As I’ve mentioned, the past few years we have all gathered at Dave and Jll’s house for Thanksgiving. The primary reason they took over the Thanksgiving hosting is because a number of years ago, they remodeled their house in such a way that their first floor is basically all one room, and the centerpiece of that room is a table that COMFORTABLY seats 20, all with matching chairs. Luxurious, no? The fact of the matter is, all 20 of those places are often filled. They have four children, and there are lots of family and friends. Addie, for example, recently hosted a dinner part for 20 of her closest 8th grade friends.  This year, however, they are going different directions for Thanksgiving. Dave and Alastair are going to Chicago to visit Bill’s mom. Jll and the girls are going to spend Thanksgiving with Jll’s mom and sister in Estes Park. So, Bill and I are reverting back to hosting dinner. And honestly, you would think I have never hosted a Thanksgiving before. For one thing, I have had to CLEAN MY HOUSE. Heavens to Betsy, that’s big. There will be a lucky 13 at our table. Bill and I worked on my dining room table yesterday, and we are managing to fit 12 people with mismatched chairs and just enough room to move your arms if you do so with caution. Cole will be in his high chair – a high chair for which he is correctly starting to realize he’s too big. Just one more meal, Cole. Just one more, bud.

A high chair, Nana? Really?

A high chair, Nana? Really?

Do They Make Me Look Smart?
A couple of nights ago, Dave and Jll had us over for dinner. We got there a bit early, and shortly after we arrived, Dave got home. He was a bit late because he had picked up his new glasses. I thought the glasses looked awesome — a bit like Kiefer Sutherland wears in Designated Survivor. But down to his last child, the reaction to the new look was questionable. “Do you like my new glasses?” Dave asked each one of them. The answer was varying versions of NOPE. But Alastair’s was the best. “Are those your new glasses? he asked his dad. “Yes,” Dave replied. “Seriously?” Alastair asked. Kids and grandkids keep you humble.

Do You Think I Should Accent My T-Shirt With a Scarf?
Yesterday afternoon, I got a telephone call from Addie. “Can I come hang out at your house, Nana?” she asked. I wasn’t home, but told her she could come by in about a half hour when I would be home. She did, and we sat down to watch some television. After perusing several choices, i.e., a Shark Tank that we had both seen before and an unsuccessful attempt to access an old Survivor, we finally settled on a Project Runway. I had never seen this show before, but it seemed relatively harmless and not R rated like some programs. I’m not sure what station it’s on, because we were watching it On Demand, but it is a competition show featuring dress designers willing to go to any length to win. Just like every other competition show. In the middle of one of the episodes, Bill wandered into the room, sat down, and before you know it, he was watching as well. Never thought I’d see the day.

Happy Thanksgiving
As I mentioned above, I won’t be blogging again until Monday, as I will be preparing my turkey and setting my table. Actually, I will have some help with all of my last minute jobs because Kaiya, Mylee, and Cole will help me with pies and place cards. As a result, it will take twice as long, but I will have twice as much fun. I have much for which to be thankful, and I only occasionally forget that fact.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you, and enjoy your friends and family in the days ahead.

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  1. Hey, I don’t recall approving a few days off for you! You must have gone over my head to CEO, William A McLain. 😘

  2. I totally get the ‘inconvenience’ on having to host again at your house. At first (when the kids left the nest) I still wanted all major events at my house. But as time has marched on…and they have taken over hosting…now I don’t even want to offer when they can’t! LOL. I have grown accustom to bringing a side dish or appetizer and NOT planning the event.;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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