Saturday Smile: See Ya’ Real Soon

Our quick trip to open up the house in AZ in preparation for our winter stay is at its end. Tomorrow we fly back to Denver. The truth is that we really didn’t have a lot of “opening up” to do since Jen was out a few weeks ago and she did most of the “opening up” activities. But this fall trip gives us the opportunity to bring out our car and some of the larger items we need, and to kind of get settled. Once we get back here on Christmas Day, we kind of hit the ground running for a bit. Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, you name it, we have it late in December and early January.

Though we were here a little over three weeks, it seems like we didn’t see a lot of people. The reason? Well, they have lives. Go figure. My brother worked out of town for part of our trip. Bec was in Israel for a bit, and is now recovering from ear surgery. Nieces and nephews are scrambling about, getting their own kids to school and practice and lessons and such. There will be time when we come back.

But we squeezed in one last thing last night, taking the opportunity for one of my very favorite activities in AZ: watching the sun set from my brother’s back patio with an ice cold martini in my hand……


Have a great weekend.

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