Yesterday was Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. Fright Night. Frankly, Halloween does nothing for me. It never has; it likely never will.

I hear collective gasps.

For many years, we went to one or another of the grandkids’ houses and watched them get into their costumes and handed out candy while they trick-or-treated. The last couple of years, we have been in AZ for Halloween, and that will probably continue for some time.

Each year that we’ve been here in AZ, Maggie has invited me to go with her and her family to a friend’s house, where they have a neighborhood Halloween party. That is apparently pretty common here in the Valley, as it seems to hold true in my nieces’ and nephews’ neighborhoods as well. I guess that’s a good thing, because it would seem that your kids might be safer trick-or-treating amidst friends. But every year I politely decline, because, well, COSTUME.

I have only been to one costume-required Halloween party in my adult life, and it was probably 35 or 40 years ago. I remember that I dressed up as a doctor, but I remember little else about the party. I hate dressing up. I even hate wearing good pants and a clean blouse to go to church on Sunday. Being retired, I dress so casually that putting on something besides grundgy capri pants for Sunday Mass feels like a costume party.

I wasn’t entirely sure how the grandkids were dressing up this Halloween. I asked on a number of occasions, but each time I asked, it seemed like I got a different answer. Early yesterday morning, I got an instant message from Kaiya.

She: Nana, are you awake?

Me: Yes. Good morning.

She: Today is………………………………………HALLOWEEN!!!!

Maybe you have to be a kid to really understand the excitement. Frankly, I get more excited by Groundhog’s Day.

As our IM conversation continued, I learned that she was dressing up as a Spider Princess this year. I wasn’t aware that spiders had royal families, but indeed they must. I asked her to explain, and it seems the primary costume element was fake spider webs.

As the night went on, I began getting photos of the grandkids, starting with the Vermont clan, who went out trick-or-treating earliest. Despite the fact that Joseph is perhaps the sweetest-natured child I have ever known, he makes one heck of a scary Dracula, doesn’t he? As for Micah, he is ready to go out and fight crime. You can tell by his hands….


Adelaide, who is 13, forwent trick-or-treating this year, and instead attended a party. Nevertheless, she is an exceptionally pretty panda bear. As for the others, well, Alastair – perhaps in honor of the World Series – went with a baseball theme. Dagny appears to be some sort of a spider vampire (I’m going by the vampire collar and the apparently-ever-popular spider webs) and Maggie Faith, well, I’m not sure. Maybe a fairy of some sort having a bad hair day?……


Kaiya was, indeed, a spider princess. Mylee, for the third year in a row, went with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. This year she was Raphael. As for Cole, he was scheduled to represent the animal kingdom as an adorable little fox. As it happens, he firmly eschewed his costume and elected to portray a Terrible Two-Year-Old boy instead. But he does it well…..


We had a grand total of two trick-or-treaters in our mostly-adult neighborhood here in Mesa, AZ. Oh well. Leftover Butterfinger candy bars for us.

I must leave you with one more photo. Our daughter Heather makes one heck of a victim for Dracula, doesn’t she?……


7 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. All of the grands look great but the wins go to Cole and Joseph! Joseph was in character and he worked his dour expression. Cole – well, dressed up like Cole. This post made me laugh out loud!

  2. As a kid I loved Halloween but as an adult (even with littles) I could skip it.
    Cole is not alone. My oldest hates dressing up. As a baby he was the cutest little cat burglar you ever saw but he was four until I got him in another costume (extremely minimal costume!) and that was only so he could go trick or treating.
    Everybody looked great!!

    • That’s possible. You might recall the photo I have of him walking down the aisle as ringer bearer at his auntie’s wedding, crying furiously. He simply thinks the whole folderol of anything involving suspenders, tight collars, or resembling a costume is ridiculous.

  3. They are all adorable. I have to agree with your “dressing up” stance. My husband and I agreed to attend his fathers 80th birthday party next month (he lives in another state). After accepting the invitation and buying plane tickets we were informed it was a Great Gatsby themed party – including costumes. Too late to back out now :). My hubby was not impressed and refused go to the expense and effort to dress in 20’s outfits. Instead we bought matching steam punk Tardis tee shirts and will go as time travelers. His reasoning was that we can wear the tee shirts again and again. It should prove to be interesting. 🙂

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