A Little Nag Will Do Ya

Bill and I were driving to church yesterday morning, and somehow got to talking about the seven deadly sins. You know, pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth. One year for Lent, rather than giving up candy or eating between meals, I instead selected a different deadly sin each day of the week, and concentrated instead on “giving up” actions related to that sin.

I told Bill that I thought I got more out of that particular Lenten sacrifice than I had any other time. I went on to say I think I should do that every day, not just during Lent.

“Is nagging one of the seven deadly sins?” Bill asked, his voice full of hope.

Very funny.

But unbeknownst to either Bill or me, the theme for the Mass readings was praying endlessly. And, to my delight, the gospel was the one in which Jesus tells his friends the parable about the bad judge and the woman who nags the judge again and again until he finally gives in and agrees to give her a just judgement.

The moral? Nag God. Badger him endlessly. Pester him until you think he will listen to you. In other words, pray, pray, pray, pray. And if you haven’t gotten the answer you want, pray some more.

Jesus asked his friends: Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night?

The challenge, of course, is to be open to God’s answer, which may not be the answer for which you’ve been hoping.

This election season has been very stressful for me. Quite frankly, I’m appallingly unhappy with my choices for president. Not voting is not an option for me. So I will vote, but I’m not kidding even a little bit when I tell you that I don’t think I will know for whom I will vote until I sit down and fill out my ballot.

It’s caused me to lose sleep. I’ve cried. I’ve felt helpless and frightened.

And then recently, my stepmother began posting something on Facebook on a somewhat regular basis that actually made me breath again. Her message is simple. Vote, and then pray.

So God, prepare to be nagged.

By the way, on a related note, please read the attached link to a Daily Mail article in which the publication cites research indicating that husbands with nagging wives actually live longer than those whose wives don’t hound them endlessly.

See Bill, it’s for your own good. You’re welcome.

And despite the nuns’ assertion that puns were the lowest form of humor…..

Roy dreaded the nights his wife would badger him mercilessly.

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  1. Once again, great post today . I felt at ease about how to vote when I realized Who owned the power for the outcome. Not me. I am responsible for only the footwork.

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