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I’ve been feeling neglected the past few days because Bill has seemingly spent every free minute as of late with the other lady in his life – his pretty red sports car. He has actually worked at getting her running for the entire summer. He’s making progress, because I hear the engine running on occasion, but nevertheless, more packages with parts arrive from Amazon almost daily and every night he has grease under his fingernails. The postman has handed Bill so many packages containing parts that I’m pretty sure he thinks he is responsible in part for any progress Bill is making on the car.

Anyone who knows me would attest to the fact that I have been simply an angel of patience during this entire project. Oh, oops. That would be someone else because I have complained endlessly to the poor man. The good news is that my nagging goes in one of Bill’s ears and comes out the other. It’s why we have survived nearly 25 years of marriage – his ability to ignore my nags.

But he must have felt some degree of guilt, because he announced Saturday night that he had just purchased two tickets to go to a movie the next day that we have both been wanting to see – Sully, starring the endlessly talented Tom Hanks. I swear, Tom Hanks could play a tree and win an Academy Award.

The theater to which we went is a bit of a drive from our house, but totally worth it because RECLINING SEATS. The first time I saw a movie at this theater, I saw Boxtrolls with Addie, Alastair, Dagny, and Maggie Faith. We bought our tickets. We purchased our popcorn and candy and beverages. We moved into the theater and sat down. Suddenly I looked over to my right and noticed that Dagny was reclining.

Wait, what?

“How did you do that?” I asked her. She very patiently got up and before you could say Lazyboy, I was also reclining. I was so excited that I think she rolled her eyes but it was dark and I can’t say for sure.

Anyway, I have been reclining ever since, because RECLINING SEATS. It’s the only way to see a movie.

columtIt reminded me – as it will remind most baby boomers – about how different it was to watch movies in the days of our youth. Our one and only theater – cleverly called the Columbus Theater – got a new movie every week, and I saw every one that the Catholic Legion of Decency would allow me to see. If the Legion of Decency said no, then there was no point in even asking. There was one ticket booth, one concession counter selling popcorn, a few kinds of candy, and Coca Cola. No nachos, no hot dogs, no Sour Patch Kids, no San Pellegrino.  Popcorn, a Coke, and Milk Duds. Take it or leave it.

When you entered the theater, you were looking at a stage covered with heavy red velvet curtains that opened when the movie began. The seats were also covered in velvet. There was a balcony, probably for the people less interested in the movie and more interested in something else that the Legion of Decency would also disapprove of.

It’s true that they only showed a single movie, but it’s also true that the movie ran over and over. This dynamic is the background for one of my favorite Dad stories. As he tells it, when he was a young boy, he and his buddies would sneak into the theater by walking backwards into the exit as people were leaving. I suspect the theater owner, who knew the boys because his business was right across the street from my grandfather’s bakery, knew full well what they were doing. Just sayin….

As for the movie Sully, Oh. My. God. It was so good. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was reclining, I would have been on the edge of my seat the entire time. So worth seeing!

Even though I may never fly again because BIRDS. But I will go to the movies.

And by the way, as I searched for a photo of my old theater, I saw for the very first time (I swear this is true) how spectacular the artwork on the building is. I have never noticed this before….


Seriously. Pretty nice, even if it didn’t have reclining seats. It’s no longer a theater, by the way, but the city fathers and mothers seem unable to tear it down. I can’t blame them.

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  1. In my memory Columbus Theater had a huge display of candy! Do you remember Mom wouldn’t go to movies because she said someone tall always sat in front of her and she couldn’t see?

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