Saturday Smile: Helping Papa

Most every fall about this time, Bill undertakes the arduous task of picking up the apples from the three trees we have in our backyard and throwing them away (the ones that drop are wormy and mealy). If he doesn’t, they begin to rot and make our backyard smell like a cider recipe gone bad.

Yesterday he rolled the big garbage can over near the trees, picked up his rake, and began sweeping up the apples. Cole, who along with his sisters, is visiting for a few days, knows fun when he sees it and ran at a 2-year-old’s pace over to help. Cole seemed a bit more interested in putting fallen leaves into the can than apples, but what the heck. He was enjoying fall weather and time with Papa.

As for Bill, because you can’t ever take the boy out of the man, he was flinging the apples into the can with the rake — or at least attempting to — imagining himself to be a great hockey player.

As for me, I enjoyed watching the two boys all the time hoping Bill doesn’t quit his day job to try out for the hockey team….

cole papa (2)

Have a great weekend.

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