Thursday Thoughts

In Vermont, it’s all things maple, and for good reason. Maple trees abound in this beautiful state. Yesterday Bill and Joseph and I drove to a nearby sugar farm to buy – what else? – a genuine maple creemee. That makes two so far, and I’m not even particularly a maple fan. But maple creemees, well that’s a different thing altogether. Cold, creamy goodness with a subtle maple flavor. Yum.


This sign that we saw at the local ice cream stand says it all….


Chasing Merlin
Two days in a row now, Merlin-the-Dog has taken advantage of our lax door closing abilities to make a break for it through a door that wasn’t tightly latched. Bill and I have spent waaay too much time chasing our loved ones’ dog, unsuccessfully bribing him with dog treats, diving for him only to come up empty, begging him to consider that his running away would be considered a Nana fail. Both times we finally caught up with him only because he tired out and gave up. Does he look tired?……


Bon Jour
When not eating maple creemees, I am walking over to the beautiful French bakery a block from the house. Each day they offer a variety of scrumptious treats, none of which involve maple. I’m pretty sure the quick walk doesn’t offset the calories ingested…..


Working Man
As usual, Bill has been keeping himself busy with all sorts of projects around Heather and Lauren’s house. Merlin (of the Great Escape fame) recently chewed the arms of one of their antique chairs, leaving an unsightly mess. Bill bought the necessary tools to sand the arms smooth and stained them back to the original color. However, yesterday when we left for a bit, upon our return, Merlin had once again chewed the daylights out of the chair arms. When Heather learned of Merlin’s naughtiness, she once again dragged out his wire kennel and informed him that he had lost his freedom privileges.


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  1. I have been pondering lately whether we should get another dog. But the Merlin story fixed that. Fortunately that reality of dog ownership brought me back to my senses.

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