Saturday Smile: Team USA

I am smiling today because football season started on Thursday, and I do love me some football. Even preseason. What the heck!

But this week what’s making me smile most of all are the Olympic games. A friend of mine said it best on Facebook: “Our country might be a hot mess politically but we kick A$$ at the Olympics.”

635963781657912748192355232_biles_simone_081315_800x375And so we do. I am particularly fond of women’s gymnastics, and so, well, what can I say? The women’s gymnastic team is wonderful. Simone Biles is absolutely amazing to watch. I don’t know how anyone can leap in the air that high. And I was so happy for Aly Raisman when she earned the silver medal. I cried when she cried.

Since my grandkids swim, I have become interested much more in swimming events. Simone Manuel’s gold medal win took my breath away. While I imagesrecognize the importance of her being the first African American woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming, I was happy mostly to see a 16 year old girl be the victor — and an unexpected one at that. I loved that the announcers were talking, nearly to the end of the swim, about just how AWESOME the two sisters from Australia were. Suddenly they recognized what was happening right before their very eyes. The look on Simone’s face as she recognized her achievement made me happy. Imagine being only 16 years old and taking home a Olympic gold medal to put on your wall!

As for the gold medal ceremonies, well, needless to say, I cry every single solitary time they play the National Anthem and raise the flag. I don’t know how the athletes keep it together.

Great work, Team USA! Keep it up.

Have a good weekend.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Team USA

  1. The Olympics make me smile too. I love the point you make. As a whole the politics in our country is a mess and manifests with name calling and bickering. Our country is filled with intelligent, hardworking and loving people as evidenced by many athletes we are proud to watch and cheer on. 🇺🇸

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