Thursday Thoughts

Controlled Chaos
We literally came home from our sisters’ weekend in Estes Park to a house full of children. Don’t worry; I knew them all. Court and his wife had asked if we would watch their three kids for a couple of days while they had a relaxing getaway in celebration of his birthday. I agreed. The only caveat was that when they got dropped off Monday morning, I wouldn’t be there. Instead, Papa Bill would be the babysitter. I called in reserves, asking Addie if she would come help her Papa with the kids. When Bec and I walked in the door Monday just before noon, the house was in relatively controlled chaotic shape, and Bill had a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. But the kids were happy and having a great time. I got there just in time to make lunch. After that, Addie once again took over. I will tell you that after Mom picked up the kids Wednesday morning, I turned on mindless television and proceeded to fall asleep.

The other thing that took place Wednesday morning was that Bec, who has been visiting for a few weeks to escape the Arizona heat, left to head home. After the kids were gone and Bec was on the road, the house was like a morgue. Once I get a bit of my wind back, I will start housecleaning and doing laundry. In the meantime, however, I got a pedicure. Ah, pedicures….

Hot Time
A couple of days ago, in the midst of the madness from unpacking from our Estes trip and being hit, oops, I mean blessed, with the grandchildren, a Murphy’s law situation happened. Suddenly late in the afternoon, I realized that I was perspiring so much that I looked like Albert Brooks in the movie Broadcast News. I went over to the thermostat, and noticed that not only was the temperature not going down, it was in fact going up, up, and up. I went over to the vent and felt tepid air coming out. Though we placed a call early next morning to the air conditioning company, they only made it to our house yesterday afternoon. As I write this blog post, I am comfortably cool. Sorry to everyone who had to endure our heat wave, especially at night.

At the Zoo
On Tuesday, Bec and I took some of the grands to the Denver Zoo, including Addie to provide moral and physical support. It was quite hot, and we were all worn out by time we made it all around the zoo. I had packed a lunch for everyone, and we enjoyed it in the shade. But just before we left, I treated all the kids to Dippin’ Dots. They were all very happy, and I was once again puzzled as to why anyone likes Dippin’ Dots. Here are some of the precious faces….

Cole on carousel

There was a great deal of discussion about who would ride on which animal. I’m not sure Cole had much input. He just needed to be on an animal near his sisters and cousins so that Addie could keep a watchful eye. The dolphin it was…


Mylee Maggie Faith

Mylee and Maggie Faith find a shady hidey-hole.


kaiya cole

And so do Kaiya and Cole.

kaiya maggie funny faces



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