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Family Affair
We got back from our family reunion in Nebraska late Tuesday afternoon. We were all very tired and pretty sluggish yesterday. It was about an eight-hour drive, but we had four drivers and took many breaks. One of our breaks was at the Runza Hut, a Nebraska fast-food restaurant chain. There are a few Runza Huts here in Colorado, but for some reason it would never even occur to me to eat at one. However, it is almost always a stop either going or coming on road trips to Nebraska. Runzas are bread wrapped around ground beef that is cooked with onions, cabbage, and spices. I’m always excited and optimistic, but equally always somewhat disappointed in the flavor. Still, it is a tried-and-true Nebraska treat….


When we stepped out of our car in North Platte, Nebraska, as we were driving to Omaha, we were smacked in the face by a temperature of 100 degrees or more and a humidity level of somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 percent. Anyone who has lived in a high-humidity area knows what that feels like. It seriously is like you have been hit in the face with a board. I’m happy to say that the weather improved a bit from that day, but it reminded me of just why my parents moved from Nebraska to Colorado.

Va Va Voom
I’m going to bore you all with stories about our reunion next week; in the meantime, however, I want to share a photo that I spotted on the photo table at the site of the reunion. I had never seen it before. It’s a photo of my mother, and I think she appears to be in the neighborhood of 15 or 16. That’s a total guess. The bright lipstick might make her a bit older, but I believe she wore bright lipstick her whole life. If I’m right, this would have been somewhere around 1940. Anyway, I’m fascinated by her hairstyle, and so very curious about how she got it to look that way. Did they have curling irons in those days? For a variety of reasons, I’m certain her mother didn’t style her hair, so who did? I find her to be spectacularly beautiful. I found that to be true of all of her sisters, in fact…..

young mom (2)

They Shortened the Sidewalks
In addition to attending the reunion, we spent one night in our old hometown of Columbus. Just for kicks, Jen took a walk, hoofing it from the school we attended to our old home, which we thought was soooooooo far away and why-oh-why do we have to walk this every single day. It was, in fact, fewer than 1000 steps. Well, Bec reminded us, our legs were shorter back then. For kicks, she took a couple of pictures of our school….
scotus centralSassy Spice
Yesterday afternoon, Bec (who will be visiting in Colorado for a bit) and I went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Nine-year-old Dagny had stopped by earlier, and she went along with us to the restaurant to eat. When it came time to order, she asked the server to bring her the chicken wings. The server looked a bit taken aback. “Do you want me to make them less spicy?” Nope, Dagny answered quickly. “Would you like the sauce on the side?” the server suggested. Dagny assured her she liked them spicy and wanted the sauce right on the wings. The server looked doubtful, but left with our order. She returned a bit later with our food, including Dagny’s wings. Dagny proceeded to eat her wings. “Are they spicy?” I asked her. “Nope, they are not nearly spicy enough,” Dagny said. “In fact, I think they added something sweet, and I wanted them hot.” I took a bite, and quite agreed. She was fairly perturbed! Sassy Spice, indeed.


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  1. I love that picture of Mom. I also loved my walk thru our old neighborhood in Columbus. If only I would have had my old bike to ride!

  2. That is a beautiful picture of your mom. I can’t wait to hear about the reunion.
    I think the best thing at Runza’s is their cheeseburgers. For fast food, they are pretty tasty.

  3. You girls do know how to live it up! Loved the picture of your Mom. Thought how much you resemble her, Kris. Looking my forward to seeing you all next week. Love you.

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