Saturday Smile: Director of the Garden

Those of you who know me, or who are faithful readers of my blog, know that I am a big fan — huge — of chef Lidia Bastianich. So I was delighted that the most recent issue of AARP Magazine had a fairly short interview with her about gardening. I have gleaned from being a faithful viewer of her cooking show on PBS that she loves to garden. So does her mother, who is 95 years old and going strong.

Here is a link to the article, which made me smile…..


Here are words from somewhere in the middle of the article that resonated with me….

Mamma: I am director of the garden.

Lidia: Nothing goes in without her OK. The other thing about gardening is that it’s not only about food. It’s nice movement when you’re at a mature age. You have to bend down. It’s continuous moving, back and forth. Mamma never went to a doctor till she was 80, and finally I told her she had to go.

Mamma: They do this test, that test, they shake me up and down. At the end they say, “You know what? Go home. Do what you did until now.”

Read the article. It will make you smile.

Have a great weekend.

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