Thursday Thoughts

The Promised Land
Kaiya and Mylee were in the back seat of my car the other day and we were heading for my house. Mylee expressed (perhaps more than once or twice, and perhaps in a tad whiny voice) that she was very, very, maybe even VERY thirsty. Kaiya, who had finally had enough complaining, said, “Mylee, Moses had to put up with it, so you do too.” Now, that was very random, and for many reasons, not the least being that I’m not even sure how Kaiya knows who Moses is. But it brought about a further conversation about Moses. I explained that Moses led his people to the promised land. It is true, I noted, that at one point the people were very hungry and thirsty, but they prayed to God and he fed them. (I didn’t add that the people were actually whining much like Mylee.) How did Moses die, Mylee wondered. I said the Bible never says how he died, but it does tell us that he never made it into the promised land. Mylee was quiet for a few seconds, and then told me, “I know why he didn’t make it. He only had one snack and so he starved to death.” Bible History 101.

As I have been driving around town, I keep seeing flags at half-mast. It occurred to me that generally, whenever a flag is flying at half-mast, I have to stop and think about what happened that created the need for this solemn display of the flag. It seems to me that the flags are almost at a constant half-mast stage these days. So very sad.

I have mentioned before that I have owned a scooter for almost 10 years. I don’t exactly recall how might thought process came about, but I vividly recall that I suddenly began thinking that I wanted to buy a small motorcycle so that Bill and I could ride together. I mentioned that to Bill, and he managed to keep a straight face. After some heavy-duty swallowing, he suggested that perhaps I might consider a scooter instead. The rest is history. What many people don’t know, however, is that I hadn’t had my scooter for that long when Bill began noticing just how much fun I was having while scooting around town. Before long, Bill too was the proud owner of an identical scooter. He doesn’t ride his as much as I ride mine, but we have had our share of fun times on our scooters….

Bill Kris scooters

I-80, Here We Come
My sister Bec arrived yesterday afternoon to spend a few weeks in Colorado to escape the incessant heat of the desert. She and Jen and Bill and I will leave tomorrow to drive to Nebraska where we will be spending a long weekend in our old stomping grounds. Well, they aren’t really Bill’s old stomping grounds, but he will stomp just about anywhere. On Saturday, our relatives on our mother’s side are gathering for a reunion. Mom was the youngest of 13, so there are oodles of cousins. I’m not sure how many are going to come to the reunion, because we are none of us spring chickens any longer. But it will be fun to see everyone and talk about old times. If we can remember any, that is.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Sad to say that Bec will not be leaving the desert heat behind when you come to Nebraska! However, I’ m sure all the talk at the reunion will create a breeze….or more hot air. What we can’t remember, we make up! But we will not die because we only had one snack.

  2. You two look so cute on your scooters! I hope you had a wonderful time at your family reunion and somehow, I’m just sure you did. Don’t our grandkids say the cutest things, it’s fun to watch them turning some thought over in their mind until they draw their own conclusion.

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